About Us:

Hello and welcome to Homegrown Hand-Me-Down!  We are two sisters who grew up in a small town in rural Virginia.  Out in the country everybody knows everybody and we were lucky  enough to have basically our entire extended family in a 10-mile radius.  We’ve been graced with a long line of DIY women from our grandmothers and aunts to our mom who have handed down recipes, a love for gardening, taught us how to sew, and what southern hospitality is all about.  Now that we’ve grown up and moved into the city, we will never forget drinking milk out of a mason jar and how to make a damn good sweet potato casserole!

The purpose of this blog is simple: to pass along these southern family traditions that we’ve learned since we were little girls. Hopefully we’ll remind people that pickles don’t grow on trees, getting your hands dirty once in a while isn’t so bad, and a sewing machine won’t bite.  We love our southern-style recipes, but we will also be including healthier slimmed-down makeovers of some of our favorite foods.  While our careers as a clinical social worker and clinical dietitian have led us to different areas, we will never forget our country roots.  Follow us on our journey as we apply these handed down southern traditions to modern urban life!

Megan Davis & Ryanne Floyd

4 responses

  1. Very nice….you girls are the epitome of southern charm. I hope there are plenty more of the younger generation carrying on tradition and remembering their roots. Bravo!

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