Something Old, Something New

I recently moved into a new apartment in August, so I wanted to share with you some pictures of our new furniture and some easy DIY projects for your home.

For this move I tried to get rid of things that had been lingering in my possession from college that I no longer needed.  Along with that my fiance and I sold his leather futon that had served as our couch for the past year.  While it was comfortable and sophisticated looking, it screamed college and honestly, we were both dreading the thought of moving it out of the apartment (it was heavy!)  Another incentive to getting rid of the futon was to make room for my newly inherited Camel-back sofa from my maternal grandmother and a set of wing-back chairs from my mom.

At first I was a little hesitant as the fabric on all three pieces was not ideal.  My mom convinced me with a little shopping around we could find the perfect fabric to get them re-upholstered—and boy was she right!  We found a young gentleman in Orange, Va to re-upholster them and he did an absolutely fabulous job!  We decided on a neutral creme color for the couch and grey / pale yellow for the wing-back chairs.  Not only was re-upholstering the three pieces cheaper than buying a new couch, it was a great way to update and enjoy old family pieces.

I just love the detail on the legs of the sofa.  I decided to not get a skirt put on the sofa to show off this detail.

Once we moved our new furniture in our living room there were two things I wanted to do before I could consider our space finished.

  1. Choose a fabric to recover the cushion on an old chair I got from my father’s cousin Aldwin.
  2. Make matching pillows for our sofa.

Project #1: Re-upholstering old chair

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Batting (optional if you need some more cushion on your chair)

This is the before picture.  I really wanted to use this piece because it is a gorgeous chair with beautiful detailing and it added extra seating to our space without taking up much room.  As you can see the fabric on the cushion was a little dated and did not really match the other pieces.  So, I decided this was an EASY solution to update and add some extra color to our space.

First you want to start off by ironing your fabric. Find an open space to lay out your fabric once it’s ironed.  I was lucky with my chair because the bottom just popped out.  Some of them you may have to unscrew from the frame before removing.  Lay your fabric face down, placing your cushion face down on top.  Pull the fabric up to the sides of your cushion. You want to allow enough fabric to pull tightly up over the cushion.  Cut with scissors the parameter of the cushion.  If you need extra cushion you would  measure and cut your batting to the same size as your fabric.  Place the batting between the fabric and your cushion.

Next you want to pull your fabric up tight around the edges of your cushion and use your staple gun to secure the fabric. You want to space your staples about 1/2 inch apart.  The key to a nice job is pulling your fabric TIGHT as you staple around the perimeter.

The corners are the trickiest part.  You want to fold your piece of fabric over like you are wrapping a present.  Secure this fold with a staple.

Then pull the other side of fabric up and over your previously stapled piece.  Secure with another staple, still making sure you are pulling the fabric tight.

Continue stapling the fabric around the whole parameter of the cushion, repeating the corners as shown above.  Once you are finished, trim any excess fabric so the cushion will fit nicely back into your chair frame.

After trimming the extra fabric, flip your cushion over and place it back in the chair frame.

…and there is the finished product!  What an EASY way to update and add color to your space.  Stay tuned for how to make matching pillows…….and to see our new living room!  Happy Monday!

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