No longer at the kids’ table…

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and this is my first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner!  I am very excited, yet never imagined my first time hosting would be in my teeny weenie apartment that barely fits me, my dog Airlie, and my husband.  Despite this, I’m super excited to be hosting my parents, my in-laws, and our friends Pat and Rachel!  It will be a tight squeeze, but I’m prepared (and so is Airlie, we need her for her vacuuming skills).

Thinking about Thanksgiving takes me back to the days when I was stuck at the kids table and wasn’t quite old enough to help out my grandmothers, aunts, and mother in the kitchen.  The only job I usually had was to set the table, which I hated doing ANY day of the year.  My grandmothers would pull out their finest china and polish up the silver – Thanksgiving was quite an affair for our family!

So when I started planning how to approach hosting Thanksgiving in our tiny apartment I had to channel my grandmothers’ sense of entertaining on a budget.  I wanted to keep everything simple, yet elegant like my grandmothers did when they hosted during the Holidays.  I also had to keep in mind I didn’t want to buy seasonal decorations that I would have to later find some place to store it.  So here it is:

– I found this simple but pretty table cloth on sale at Target today.  It’s great because it looks sand-colored from far away (which matches the rest of our decor in our apartment), but up close it has a hint of gold.  I can use this not only for Thanksgiving, but through Christmas and maybe beyond as well.  Total cost: $13.99 (without tax).

– As I perused further in Target, I found some cute mercury glass votives.  Another lady and I commented on how pretty and inexpensive they were!  I wanted something low for a centerpiece on the table so everyone can see who they are talking to.  I ended up buying 3 (like I’ve said before, I always design in odd numbers!) and they are a great compliment to my china.  I will definitely use these throughout the year and they don’t take up much space.  Total cost: $4.47 (plus cost of tea light candles to put in which was $3.19 for 9).

– I already had some small vases I bought at the Crate and Barrel outlet several years ago.  I plan to pick up some fall colored small flowers or pick some marigolds in my container garden to fill these and mix with the votives on the table.

Now, I realize that many people out there don’t really know how to properly set a table.  This was something my parents made sure I knew from an early age.  I’d love to see statistics on Thanksgiving day for google searches on how to set a table… maybe it will lead them to this post! I don’t have crystal but plan on using some of our every day glasses that aren’t in our storage unit.  See below for the basic place setting.

I really do want to showcase my china that I’m in love with, so I might end up setting it like this.


I’ll post more pictures of our dining room table after it’s all complete (and after Matt and I run in the Ridgewood Turkey Trot!). Get ready for Turkey and pecan pie !!!

3 responses

  1. You had me at ‘kids table’ !
    Luckily I am the 2nd oldest grandchild so I actually never had to sit at the kids table.
    Each holiday I thought I was sittin’ pretty at the big table until I was 30 & sitting with ‘the old folks’ – the kids table was riddled with Budweiser bottles & wine glasses. But so goes life ~ we all grow up!
    Good luck on your 1st holiday as hostess & many more to come!

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