Cute DIY Letters

My friends Rachel and Pat are having their first baby in a couple of weeks!  Our mutual friends (who we met through a rec soccer team we like to call “Team Amuuurica”) and I threw them a coed baby shower a few weeks ago.  It was a great time had by all with good food, drinking games, smell the diaper games, and even a diaper cake made by one of the guys on the team… impressive!

I like to make special homemade gifts for occasions like these and had seen several ideas on Pinterest about decorating letters that spell out the baby’s name.  Here’s my step-by-step process and at the end I share a few lessons learned.  Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Wooden letters, I got mine at Michael’s

– Paint brush

– Scrapbook paper in various colors and prints of your choosing (I used 1 piece per letter)

– Elmer’s glue + Water (Do 1 part Elmer’s glue to 1 part water to make homemade “Modge Podge”)

– Ribbon for hanging if you chose

– Hot glue gun


For this part I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

In this picture I’m using a knife to cut out the triangle part of the “A”. I then fold it in and glue it with the homemade modge podge.

Then hot glue the ribbon to the back, leaving enough ribbon to be able to tie a bow!

And it’s finished! You can hang them on nails as we did here or a rod of some sort.

The letters fit nicely above the changing table.  I hope Baby Anna enjoys her cute nursery!

And now for the lessons learned:

  • Do not get the curved letters!  Although they look super cute, they are a pain in the butt to get the paper to go around.  Save yourself and get the basic block letters!!!
  • Try to get the thinnest scrapbook paper possible, it makes it easier to manipulate the paper to fold around the letters.
  • Make sure your homemade modge podge has a little more glue than water, you want it to stick better.
  • Make sure you have some good music and a beer/glass of wine to keep you company, it takes longer than it looks!  I spent about 1 hour on each letter, mainly because of the curves of the letters and I’m a slight perfectionist.

3 responses

  1. You left out this very important first step: only do this for people you know are having babies with short names! haha

    They are beautiful, Megan! Thank you again!

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