‘Tis the Season: Five Days of Holiday Treats!


‘Tis the season of crying babies sitting on Santa’s lap, the aroma of Christmas trees, and the month-long sugar high from eating too many sweets.  The holidays always store many family traditions for us and probably many of you as well.  One tradition we had was traveling down to Richmond, VA to see Santa Claus. From the time I was a baby, my mom always took me and eventually my sister to see “The Real Santa Claus” down at Thalimer’s where we would debut our new Christmas outfits that were often made by my mom and stand in line for hours just to tell Jolly Old St. Nick I wanted “Barbies, jewelry, and American Girl Magazine”.    It was a tradition we didn’t necessarily look forward to at first, exhibited by Ryanne screaming her head off in the picture above, but one we can now look back at and enjoy.  To this day my parents have a picture of Ryanne and I with Santa Claus from 1984 (the year I was born) all the way until when I was in high school.  Dorky that I still went to see Santa as a teen?  Yes I was mortified, but as long as I told my parents I still believed Santa delivered!

In the spirit of giving and family traditions, baking and making treats has always been a fun way to spend time together.  Even while we are all apart living in different areas of the East Coast I feel closer to my family making some of our favorite holiday treats.  So, for the first 5 days of December Ryanne and I will be sharing our 5 favorite holiday treats that we made as little girls and continue to make today.  These treats are great for your holiday party or to give to others as gifts!  We hope y’all enjoy!

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