Girls’ Night and Brown Sugar Pecan Brie

Every Monday night some of my girlfriends and I get together to catch up, eat good food, play with our newest Bachelor watching buddy Baby Anna, and of course watch the reality show The Bachelor.  Don’t judge!  Sometimes after coming home from working with my clients it’s nice to watch TV shows that require no mental effort at all!


Since this Monday night tradition started, I always think about ways my grandmother DaGa would get together with her friends for “Girls Night” back in the day.  She and her friends would  get together every other Tuesday to play bridge (which requires much more effort than watching The Bachelor).  Just like my friends and I she and her friends would rotate who would host each time.  She would have her card tables set up with table cloths, provide desserts such as pineapple upside down cake as well as other snacks like mints and nuts.

It was my turn to play hostess on Monday night.  We first went to Sugarland, a delicious bakery that originated in Chapel Hill, NC and just moved to Cameron Village in Raleigh.  They have 5$ martinis that they make with their homemade gelato that are fabulous! Next we came back to my place to watch The Bachelor.  This week I made snickerdoodles and Brown Sugar Pecan Brie.  I apologize for not having many pictures, but I was trying to make it fast when everyone was there since it tastes much better if served immediately!

Brown Sugar Pecan Brie

Print recipe here



About 1.5 tbsp. of butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 cup chopped pecans

1 wedge brie cheese

3 tbsp. bourbon or whiskey (optional)


Melt the butter in a skillet on medium heat.  Add in the pecans and toast.  Then add in the brown sugar and bourbon or whiskey.  If you or you’re husband drank it all and you didn’t realize it until the last minute (like me) you can substitute water instead.  Let everything mix together, stirring occasionally for about a minute.


Pour over your brie wedge and serve with crackers.  It’s a simple appetizer that is a definite crowd pleaser!

Tonight we’re going to the Rodeo! I’m making Ginnie’s chocolate cake to take to our pre-rodeo party.  Check back in to see pictures and the recipe 🙂

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