Hemming Bootcut Jeans

Sometimes it’s difficult being short, especially when it comes to finding the right length of jeans.  I find myself in between petite and regular sizes, so finding the perfect pair of jeans is a rarity for me!  I have a nice pair of jeans I bought from LOFT that fit everywhere perfectly but the length.  After months (ok I was really bad about it, almost a year) of procrastinating I finally dragged out my sewing machine and attempted to hem them.  Sometimes if you hem jeans like regular pants it looks pretty ridiculous quite frankly, because most jeans have the light colored stitching at the bottom.  I wanted to maintain that in some way and found this blog post on how to hem jeans while keeping he original look.  I was excited and ready to go – the only problem is that this method really only works on straight leg jeans and mine were boot-cut.  Sooo what did I do next?  See below!

First, try on your jeans and roll up the cuffs to get a general idea of how much shorter you want them to be.  Measure the cuff and keep that number in your head.


Measure 1/2″ above the original hemline


Make some type of mark going around the whole cuff to show where the 1/2″ line is


Cut carefully all the way around!


You should end up with an inch-long strip of the original hem, save this, you’ll need it later!


I wanted to take about 1.5″ off the hem, so since I will be taking 1/2″ off when I add the original hem piece back on, I measured out 1″ and made a mark all the way around the cuff.


And then cut it (I know this part can be a little scary!)


Remember the original hem strip you have? You’re now going to use that and match it right sides together to the cut hem line of the jean and pin all the way around like so.  Don’t forget to match up where the vertical hems are.


Here’s a better picture showing the right sides together.


On your sewing machine, sew a straight line slightly to the right of the original hem line until you get all the way around.


It should then look like this, but you’re not finished yet!


Iron the hem flat.


I hand-stitched where the beginning and end of the original hem strip came together so it would look more finished.  Next trim the fabric that is extra along the inside hem.


Repeat on the other leg and you’re done.  Don’t they look nice? You can’t even tell I hemmed them!

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