Starfish Mirror

Hello Friends,

Sorry I have been MIA, but I have been busy working, training for the Quintiles half marathon in Wilmington, and house hunting!

I did make some time to work on a DIY mirror project.  I saw a picture of this mirror on the lovely pinterest.  I thought this would be the perfect project for this gorgeous, old, wooden mirror I acquired from my paternal grandparents.  Another added bonus was that I have TONS of starfish leftover from our wedding.

Old Mirror

left over starfish

I was deciding whether to paint the mirror white or a light blue.  I decided to stick with white since most of the mirror would be covered in starfish.  Since the mirror was made of a finished wood I had to sand, prime, and paint it.  This is a great guide to re-finishing any wooden furniture.  Here is what you’ll need:


1. Sheet sand paper (100-medium coarse)

2. Extra fine sanding sponge

3. Primer

4. Paint brushes

5. Glossy latex paint

6. Painters tape

First take your medium sheet sandpaper and start sanding.  If you are re-finishing any other piece of furniture larger than this mirror–I HIGHLY suggest investing in an electric sander.  My hand started cramping QUICKLY.  Sand the piece of furniture until the finish on the wood is removed.

sandingsanding 2

The creases were not easy to sand!  Once you are finished sanding most of the finish off take your extra fine sander to smooth out the wood.  Once you are finished sanding make sure you wipe down or vacuum your piece of furniture.  Do not use a wet rag because you want to keep the furniture dry.  Line the mirror area with painters tape.

tape the mirror

I decided to prop my mirror on some of LJ’s Raven’s koozies to make it easier to paint on the sides!


Next you want to apply a coat of primer.


Once this has completely dried apply the latex gloss.  I ended up doing two coats.

mirror finished

mirror finished 2

Once the mirror has dried you can remove the tape.  I have been playing around with how I am going to arrange the starfish.  I need a couple more, so I am getting the rest of them when I go down to Wilmington for the race this weekend.  I will post the finished product when I’m done 🙂

What fun DIY projects have you been working on???  Have a great weekend!!

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