Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well even if you aren’t Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is fun to celebrate.  Our way of celebrating this year was running the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach 1/2 Marathon today with our dad.  This is the first race that we have all run together, so it was lots of fun!  The weather was perfect, and despite waking up at 4:30 am for the 6:40 am start time, we had a blast!  We wore St. Patrick’s themed tutus (or as we later decided they looked more like Tinker Bell skirts) and got several compliments on them from bystanders.


We were very happy with our times, Ryanne and I both set Personal Records and came in the top 10% for the women!  Our dad left us in the dust and ended up getting 3rd place in his age group!


The best thing about the end of the race was that they had Natty Greene’s beer at the finish line and our medals also served as beer bottle openers 🙂


Our husbands and mom also came to watch to watch and brought our dogs.  Arlie was prepared! And just in case you ever find yourself in need of a DIY St. Patrick’s tutu…


I just hot glued tulle and glittery ribbon to another ribbon.  I got all of the materials at A.C. Moore.  Have a great week!


Starfish Mirror

Hello Friends,

Sorry I have been MIA, but I have been busy working, training for the Quintiles half marathon in Wilmington, and house hunting!

I did make some time to work on a DIY mirror project.  I saw a picture of this mirror on the lovely pinterest.  I thought this would be the perfect project for this gorgeous, old, wooden mirror I acquired from my paternal grandparents.  Another added bonus was that I have TONS of starfish leftover from our wedding.

Old Mirror

left over starfish

I was deciding whether to paint the mirror white or a light blue.  I decided to stick with white since most of the mirror would be covered in starfish.  Since the mirror was made of a finished wood I had to sand, prime, and paint it.  This is a great guide to re-finishing any wooden furniture.  Here is what you’ll need:


1. Sheet sand paper (100-medium coarse)

2. Extra fine sanding sponge

3. Primer

4. Paint brushes

5. Glossy latex paint

6. Painters tape

First take your medium sheet sandpaper and start sanding.  If you are re-finishing any other piece of furniture larger than this mirror–I HIGHLY suggest investing in an electric sander.  My hand started cramping QUICKLY.  Sand the piece of furniture until the finish on the wood is removed.

sandingsanding 2

The creases were not easy to sand!  Once you are finished sanding most of the finish off take your extra fine sander to smooth out the wood.  Once you are finished sanding make sure you wipe down or vacuum your piece of furniture.  Do not use a wet rag because you want to keep the furniture dry.  Line the mirror area with painters tape.

tape the mirror

I decided to prop my mirror on some of LJ’s Raven’s koozies to make it easier to paint on the sides!


Next you want to apply a coat of primer.


Once this has completely dried apply the latex gloss.  I ended up doing two coats.

mirror finished

mirror finished 2

Once the mirror has dried you can remove the tape.  I have been playing around with how I am going to arrange the starfish.  I need a couple more, so I am getting the rest of them when I go down to Wilmington for the race this weekend.  I will post the finished product when I’m done 🙂

What fun DIY projects have you been working on???  Have a great weekend!!

Hemming Bootcut Jeans

Sometimes it’s difficult being short, especially when it comes to finding the right length of jeans.  I find myself in between petite and regular sizes, so finding the perfect pair of jeans is a rarity for me!  I have a nice pair of jeans I bought from LOFT that fit everywhere perfectly but the length.  After months (ok I was really bad about it, almost a year) of procrastinating I finally dragged out my sewing machine and attempted to hem them.  Sometimes if you hem jeans like regular pants it looks pretty ridiculous quite frankly, because most jeans have the light colored stitching at the bottom.  I wanted to maintain that in some way and found this blog post on how to hem jeans while keeping he original look.  I was excited and ready to go – the only problem is that this method really only works on straight leg jeans and mine were boot-cut.  Sooo what did I do next?  See below!

First, try on your jeans and roll up the cuffs to get a general idea of how much shorter you want them to be.  Measure the cuff and keep that number in your head.


Measure 1/2″ above the original hemline


Make some type of mark going around the whole cuff to show where the 1/2″ line is


Cut carefully all the way around!


You should end up with an inch-long strip of the original hem, save this, you’ll need it later!


I wanted to take about 1.5″ off the hem, so since I will be taking 1/2″ off when I add the original hem piece back on, I measured out 1″ and made a mark all the way around the cuff.


And then cut it (I know this part can be a little scary!)


Remember the original hem strip you have? You’re now going to use that and match it right sides together to the cut hem line of the jean and pin all the way around like so.  Don’t forget to match up where the vertical hems are.


Here’s a better picture showing the right sides together.


On your sewing machine, sew a straight line slightly to the right of the original hem line until you get all the way around.


It should then look like this, but you’re not finished yet!


Iron the hem flat.


I hand-stitched where the beginning and end of the original hem strip came together so it would look more finished.  Next trim the fabric that is extra along the inside hem.


Repeat on the other leg and you’re done.  Don’t they look nice? You can’t even tell I hemmed them!

Wedding Recap: The Reception

Good afternoon friends!  This post will be the last of my wedding recaps.  Be sure to check out the rehearsal dinner and ceremony recaps!

After our beach ceremony, guests headed to Lumina Hall for a cocktail hour.  While the cocktail hour was going on the wedding party had fun getting pictures at the beach!

Wedding Part

bench picture

beach pic



We walked across the street and got some pictures on an old dock overlooking the sound.


After taking TONS of pictures the wedding party headed to the reception to join the rest of our guests.  You could find your name card attached to a white starfish.  Megan and I  filled old drawers with sand and placed the name cards in the sand.

name cards

The wedding couldn’t be complete without pictures of LJ and I at the beach when we were younger.  If you look closely you can see our very loved stuffed animals.

kid picture

Some centerpieces were glass hurricanes with candles and surrounding seashells.  Others were tall vases with curly willow branches and white orchids.

centerpiece 1centerpiece 2

My custom table numbers turned out perfect!  (Check out my DIY wedding table numbers)

custom table numbers

My mom and florist (June) created the centerpiece at the head table as a surprise.  I absolutely loved the incorporation of my mom’s hand made pottery, fruits and vegetables.  I am a dietitian after all!!!

head table

For our guestbook we asked friends and family to sign their favorite “sea creature”.  We plan to get our poster framed to hang in our home.guest book



432LJ’s mom made us champagne glasses for the reception.  I absolutely LOVED them!

cake…..and then the real party started!  The Charlie Band were great and TONS of fun!!

The bandThey even got the Floyd and Ulrich’s to sing “shout”

shout502Our night ended way too quickly


My new husband surprised me with a sweet ride to our hotel room……a Rolls-Royce.


…And the last surprise were these awesome sparkler pictures my bridesmaids did.  We were beyond blessed to have so many wonderful people surrounding us on the special day!


Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

…Finally the wedding ceremony pictures!  If you missed the rehearsal dinner  recap be sure to check it out!  Sorry for such a long post….but out of over 400 pictures…it was hard to post only a handful to share with y’all!

Growing up my parents always took Megan and I to the beach every summer.  My mom would have to drag us out of the water to get us to eat a quick sandwich and slap on some more suntan lotion before we were back in the water diving through the waves.  LJ and I both grew up spending many summers down in Emerald Isle, NC.  Since LJ and I both share an appreciation for the beach (and my parents conveniently live 15 minutes away from it), we  couldn’t think of a better place to get married!

The weather is generally gorgeous in Wilmington during October…BUT…with it it being an outdoor ceremony and still technically hurricane season I did a lot of stressing the weeks up to the wedding.  By stressing I mean I may or may not have obsessively checked the 10-day forecast an embarrassing amount.  Fortunately, we could not have asked for a better day to get married on the beach in front of the Hanover Seaside Club.  It was sunny, 70’s, with a cool beach breeze.

The day started pretty early for the girls.  We had to start getting hair and make-up done at 10 am for a 5 pm wedding!  The girls of Hypnotix Spalon traveled to my parents house to do our hair and make-up so we could relax and not worry about rushing around.  I was still a nervous wreck, but it was nice to enjoy a mimosa and spend time relaxing with my bridesmaids.

Now I will do less writing and let you enjoy the pictures…… The dress dress detail make-up

Me with one of my best friends from Tech (Julia)

Julia and I

The best part about a beach ceremony….I got to wear flip flops!

flip flops Our flowers were done by June Sweeny.  She did an OUTSTANDING job.  My mom, sister, and I only met with her once.  I told her what colors I wanted and that I wanted more of a natural look with succulents, orchids, roses, and a lot of texture.  Her creation for the bouquets and centerpieces at the reception were beyond my expectations.  I definitely recommend her! flowers My mom made the vases seen below for all of the bridesmaids.  They placed their bouquets in them and then at the reception they served as the flowers at the head table.  They also made for a cute and unique gift for the bridesmaids!vase holders dress SO thankful for Megan.  It took awhile to do all of those buttons! buttons

Julia, Mallory, Ryanne, Megan, Amanda, Missy


Sister’s pictureMeg and I Ryanne Ryanne2

The Floyd Family: Megan, Jim, Ryanne, and Jane


We made a sign from an old wooden picket fence.  I did a single layer of white paint and tried to make it look distressed.  My mom painted the coral and wrote our names.Sign1 Sign2 I made the starfish aisle markers.  I took a dow rod, hot glued the starfish to one end and tied a green ribbon at the top.  We stuck them in the sand to make an “aisle” for the wedding party to walk down. starfish aisle

Chris, Isaac, Dakota, Adam and LJ

I decided to make starfish pins instead of using the traditional flower boutineer.  I thought it tied in with our beach theme.106 handsome groom Megan Dad and I Dad, me, mom 178181

Laughing because LJ’s ring was a little hard to slip over his knuckle….I was worried it wasn’t going to fit!189197207 214

Woohoo! We’re married!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Check back for the after ceremony pictures and the reception!

Something Old, Something New Part III!

Hello friends!  Yesterday I woke up to an exciting early morning delivery from Mr. John Owens.  He reupholstered some wingback chairs for me that were in dire need of a makeover and did an AMAZING job; I highly recommend him if you’re in the Raleigh/Clinton, NC area.  I was trying to find a “before” picture of the chairs but couldn’t find one.  Just imagine the ugliest pea-green color in a velvety fabric and that’s what they looked like.  One was from my mother and the other I inherited from my grandmother (they were a pair).  And here’s what they now look like, just in time for hosting The Bachelor viewing party with my girlfriends on Monday!


Aren’t they beautiful!? I love that old furniture can be revitalized.  You can buy wingbacks from Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen, but they are often super expensive and let’s face it… they just don’t make furniture the same anymore.  I got the fabric, which is really heavy duty, from Printer’s Alley in Raleigh.  I highly recommend them as they have  super cute fabrics in a variety of price ranges.  As Mr. Owens was taking away our wingbacks to get their makeover I noticed they were made in Hickory, NC.  He kept commenting on what good chairs they were.  So I’m glad we’ve been able to give these comfy chairs a snazzy new life and helped the environment by not taking them to the dump… bonus points!


A close up of the fabric.


The fabric coordinates with some pillows I made for our couch a few years ago, but isn’t too matchy-matchy.


And it also coordinates with our dining room chairs that I reupholstered with an ikat print also from Printer’s Alley.  For more information on how to do this check out Ryanne’s post.


And the finishing touch, a new orchid.  Now I’m excited to eventually empty out our storage unit and revitalize other furniture I inherited from my grandmother!

Have Yourself a Beachy Little Christmas

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!  Sorry this post is a few days late.  Ryanne and I have been busy eating delicious Christmas food, spending time with the pups at the beach, and shopping 🙂


Ryanne and Molly, Megan and Airlie

We hope y’all had a great Christmas, we sure did.  Our Christmases now are a little different than growing up since we spend them with our parents near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  Everyone in our hometown of Culpeper, Virginia got snow Christmas Eve and the day after; all we got was 60 degree weather and tornado warnings.  How different!

I took a few pictures of our parents’ Christmas decorations.  Our mom has definitely embraced the beach theme for the Holidays!


Christmas would not be complete with Christmas trees made from crab pots (and decorated with shells from Ryanne’s wedding).  These are made in North Carolina.


Can you spot the ceramic sea creatures my mom made?


The beautiful beachy wreath our mom made.


Coral tree decorated with vintage ornaments from our grandmothers.


Our dad making some Christmas morning breakfast casserole that was delish!

A somewhat newer Christmas tradition is to skip the traditional Christmas food and instead make Christmas Seafood Gumbo!  It’s quite a process, but the end product makes it all worth it.  Look for the recipe in the coming weeks.   After eating our Christmas Gumbo, we all walked down to our friends/neighbor’s house (that has a fantastic light display) and shared some Lemoncello and Champagne.  Cheers!


Clockwise starting from the left: Kirk and Donna Davis (Megan’s in-laws), Steve and Donna Thompson (Neighbors/friends), Jim and Jane Floyd (Parents), Megan & Matt (& Airlie the yellow lab), Ryanne and LJ (& Molly the Golden Retriever).

Holiday Party

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.  Hopefully finishing up some last minute holiday shopping.  Hard to believe Christmas is only 9 days away!

My husband and I had a holiday party last weekend.  It’s always fun to get together with friends this time of year.  It is also a great excuse to throw a party and make a bunch of delicious food!  Of course I took pictures to share.  Enjoy!


Gorgeous angel for our tree thanks to Donna Thompson!  Love the wings made out of drift wood.

Gorgeous angel for our tree thanks to Donna Thompson! Love the wings made out of drift wood.

My parents brought us this end table.  It was a piece from my maternal grandmother’s house (Daga).  I wasn’t sure where to put it at first in our TINY 800 square ft apartment.  I thought it worked PERFECTLY as a  bar  for the party.

the bar

The apple pie-infused bourbon was definitely a hit!  It was delicious with a splash of ginger ale!

apple pie infused bourbon

Another big hit was the homemade chex mix.  It may take more time to make it rather than picking up a bag at the grocery store, but boy it is good!

Chex Mix

….and the rest of our food spread.  It was fun to finally use and show off some of the awesome serving dishes we got as wedding presents.


My good friend Amanda came down from Baltimore

My good friend Amanda came down from Baltimore

Eat, drink, and be Merry!  What is your favorite holiday appetizer?

Cute DIY Letters

My friends Rachel and Pat are having their first baby in a couple of weeks!  Our mutual friends (who we met through a rec soccer team we like to call “Team Amuuurica”) and I threw them a coed baby shower a few weeks ago.  It was a great time had by all with good food, drinking games, smell the diaper games, and even a diaper cake made by one of the guys on the team… impressive!

I like to make special homemade gifts for occasions like these and had seen several ideas on Pinterest about decorating letters that spell out the baby’s name.  Here’s my step-by-step process and at the end I share a few lessons learned.  Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Wooden letters, I got mine at Michael’s

– Paint brush

– Scrapbook paper in various colors and prints of your choosing (I used 1 piece per letter)

– Elmer’s glue + Water (Do 1 part Elmer’s glue to 1 part water to make homemade “Modge Podge”)

– Ribbon for hanging if you chose

– Hot glue gun


For this part I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

In this picture I’m using a knife to cut out the triangle part of the “A”. I then fold it in and glue it with the homemade modge podge.

Then hot glue the ribbon to the back, leaving enough ribbon to be able to tie a bow!

And it’s finished! You can hang them on nails as we did here or a rod of some sort.

The letters fit nicely above the changing table.  I hope Baby Anna enjoys her cute nursery!

And now for the lessons learned:

  • Do not get the curved letters!  Although they look super cute, they are a pain in the butt to get the paper to go around.  Save yourself and get the basic block letters!!!
  • Try to get the thinnest scrapbook paper possible, it makes it easier to manipulate the paper to fold around the letters.
  • Make sure your homemade modge podge has a little more glue than water, you want it to stick better.
  • Make sure you have some good music and a beer/glass of wine to keep you company, it takes longer than it looks!  I spent about 1 hour on each letter, mainly because of the curves of the letters and I’m a slight perfectionist.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has shaped up to be quite a nice day, we have lots to be thankful for!

Starting Thanksgiving off right with the Ridgewood Turkey Trot (so we can eat LOTS later)!

Vegetables and DaGa’s Dill Dip to snack on!

Here’s how I ended up setting the table.  We were able to squeeze everyone in!

Can’t forget a good bottle of 120/80 wine from Ehler’s Estate!

Turned our wine/liquor cabinet into a buffet with green bean casserole, corn pudding, sweet potato casserole, and stuffing.

Can’t forget the homemade apple pie….

and GG’s pecan pie!

And Ryanne’s Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Happy Thanksgiving again!