Ginnie’s Pound Cake

I’ve had a couple days off from work and it has been absolutely WONDERFUL being able to get some things done around the house.  I was hoping to get some herbs planted but boy has it been hot!  It has been in the 90’s here the past two days!  I may save the gardening for another weekend when it is a little bit cooler.

Instead of gardening I attempted to make one of my absolute favorite cakes.  Ginnie’s Pound Cake.  Ginnie was our great-grandmother on my mother’s side.  She lived in a small town in southern Virginia.  She would often re-pay people who did odd jobs for her in food because her baking was THAT good.  My mom and aunt Susan have made it a couple times.  While it was good, it just wasn’t the same as when Ginnie would make it growing up.  But as they say…practice makes perfect.  So hopefully one day I will be able to perfect her recipe!

What you’ll need for Ginnie’s Pound Cake:

1 cup Butter (2 sticks)

1/2 c Crisco (enough to grease your pan, or use a nonstick baking spray)

3 cups sugar

6 eggs

2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 cup cake flour (measure after sifting)

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp lemon extract

Quilt-Pound Cake 006

The first thing you want to do is measure out your “wet” and “dry” ingredients.  Measure out 1 cup of milk.  Place in bowl.  Add 1 tsp of vanilla and lemon extract to milk and mix well.  Set this mixture aside.  Next you want to sift 2 cups of all purpose flour.  Re-measure after sifting (you will find you have some left over) and place in another bowl.  Do the same thing with 1 cup of cake flour.  Add 1 tsp of baking powder to flour mixture.  Set this aside.

Now begin mixing your butter until it is smooth.  It is important to make sure your butter is a room temperature so it will cream better.  Slowly add the sugar 1 cup at a time.  Make sure the previous cup is mixed well before adding the next cup.

Quilt-Pound Cake 018

Once your mixture is creamed well with no lumps you want to add the 6 eggs.  Add only 1 egg at a time, making sure the egg is thoroughly mixed before adding the next egg.

Quilt-Pound Cake 019

Now gradually add your flour and milk mixture.  You want to alternate adding each.  Begin AND end with the flour mixture.  Once you’ve added the flour and milk mixtures you should end up with a nice and creamy batter.

Quilt-Pound Cake 022

Pour your batter into your greased tube pan.

Quilt-Pound Cake 023

Bake for 1 hour on 350 degrees. DO NOT open the oven during the hour of baking.

Quilt-Pound Cake 028

I think Ginnie would be proud of my first attempt at her pound cake.  LJ and I had some at breakfast this morning with a cup of coffee.  It was delicious!  Don’t worry…..I’m going to the gym later 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!